Yet another reason for me to be anxious

Concealed weapons laws make me very nervous. Perhaps because I'm generally a nervous person. Perhaps because I don't really like guns. Perhaps because I lost a number of classmates to gun violence in middle and high school. Perhaps because I am a relatively small woman who teaches (sometimes angry) young people.

The list could probably go on.

But this makes me particularly unhappy -- and points to a moment when government inefficiency becomes not just frustrating, but potentially dangerous:

State workers have moved too slowly in rescinding the gun licenses of people arrested or convicted of crimes in many cases sampled by outside auditors, according to a critical review of Florida's concealed weapons program.

As a result, the newly released report by Florida's Auditor General states that there is "an increased risk that unqualified persons may remain licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm."

Um ... that's not very good. The Sun-Sentinel has the whole story.

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