The year-end ICFU and the Random Ten

Welcome once again to the least-read sports column on the internet. The Mighty Burrow Owls open a new chapter in their sports history tonight when they face Memphis in the New Orleans Bowl, and if you didn't know there was such a thing, you could be excused for that. See, there's 32 bowl games this year, with 64 teams competing, and since there are 120 teams total in the formerly-known-as-Division-1-and-I-can't-be-bothered-to-learn-the-new-name, that means that 53% of the teams in said division are in a bowl game, which makes it only slighty more compelling than the first round of the NHL playoffs.

But still, the Mighty Burrow Owls are the Sun Belt Conference co-champions this year, and are in New Orleans on the strength of their season-ending win over Troy State, with whom they share the championship. Woo hoo? If you're a college football fan, it's an interesting story, seeing as FAU's program is the fastest to go from non-existent to a bowl game, no doubt aided by the fact that 1) there's a bit more parity in college football in general and 2) that there are so many freaking bowl games. It's also an interesting story because for the coach, Howard Schnellenberger, this is another example of how he's taken a program from either obscurity or from scratch and built it into a viable program in a short period of time. He's 73 now, and he's unlikely to get another shot at it. The Mighty Burrow Owls will be on tv tonight.

As for the other teams in the update, well, they get to face off against each other in the Cotton Bowl, on New Years Day. The game starts at 11:30, when all sensible people are still asleep on New Years Day. I don't expect any of us will be watching, nor do I expect much in the way of alumni boasting no matter who wins the game. I wore a plastic hog nose once when I was at Arkansas, mostly as a joke, and because it was chilly at the game I was attending. That's about the extent of my excitement for the team. Hurray?

Here's the Random Ten, first week off school, the break's not long enough for me to have stomach problems edition. Put your iTunes on party shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop up. Who's down with O.P.P.?

1. First Love--Stereo MCs
2. Walk On the Ocean--Toad the Wet Sprocket
3. The Stand--The Coup
4. Personal Jesus--Johnny Cash
5. Who Got It--Talib Kweli
6. Cuandao Cuando--Ozomatli
7. Scenario--A Tribe Called Quest
8. Brown Skin Lady--Black Star
9. Missing Link--Squirrel Nut Zippers
10. The Negro Speaks of Rivers--Langston Hughes (thanks Emily!)

Here's a question of the day sort of thing for anyone interested. What's the oddest non-music thing on either your iPod or iPod equivalent or in your computer's music player?

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