Stuff Worth Reading

Jessica's talking about purity balls, and why they're not "revolutionary."

Chet's got the story of yet another right-wing whiner who couldn't get a tenure-track job in the academy quickly, and therefore concluded that there just must be a conspiracy against people who wear flag lapel pins. Good discussion going on there, too.

Al Gore really, really should've been president.

Media Matter hates Huckabee-- and his lyingWashington Post enablers-- as much as I do, apparently.

And you can still vote in my "Dinner with a living nonfiction writer" survey over at The Ethical Exhibitionist for a few more hours. Right now, David Sedaris, PhIllip Lopate, and Adam Gopnik are in a threeway tie for the lead. And Matt Taibbi and Chuck Klosterman are getting no love-- which is just fine with me, but I'm a little surprised; they each have a pretty rabid fanbase.

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