Stuff Worth Reading and a Random Ten

So I've got this cold that's just kicking my ass. I thought I was getting better for a while there on Wednesday, but apparently celebrating my newly-restored health with a couple bottles of Pinot Grigio caused a setback. So I'm not going to write much today, but will instead direct your attention to some stuff I've been reading online.

First of all, we'll never be able to repay Jeff Fecke for his recent blogposts about Jonah Goldberg's new book. Today's entry is particularly vital, as Fecke points out that Goldberg actually cites the pseudo-historical hate tract The Pink Swastika as a source to claim that modern liberal values are somehow the same as the values espoused by Nazi leaders in Germany. The Pink Swastika is a book that the Reverend Fred Phelps was hawking on his repulsive website for a long time, for those of you unfamiliar with the text.

As part of his coverage of the Jena 6 case, Brian has written a bit about white liberals and discussions of race, and today on Alternet Alex Jung has written a pretty compelling piece called White Liberals Have White Privilege Too! I find myself agreeing with most of Jung's assertions, but even if you find the article less persuasive than I did, chances are you'll find something insightful in it.

Also at Alternet, Melissa Roddy examines how Tom Hanks, Mike Nichols, and Aaron Sorkin have cleaned up history in order to turn Charlie Wilson's War into a more positive, upbeat crowd-pleaser of a film. From the beginning, I had my doubts about this one-- how do you turn the arming of the Afghan Mujahiddin into a Tom Hanks movie, especially considering how that kinda came back to bite us in the ass less than two decades later? The answer, it seems, it to selectively edit the history you're going to portray-- rewrite the facts in order to give the folks a character they can admire. I wasn't a fan of Hanks, Nichols, or Sorkin before this one (I think that Forest Gump, Primary Colors, and The West Wing were all way overrated)-- this movie, I suspect, might be enough for me to completely avoid them in the future.

Anyway, here's my Random Ten. Grab a box of Kleenex and a bag of Halls with Vitamin C, sit on your couch with a thermometer sticking out of your mouth, shuffle your music player, and record the first ten songs to come up.

1) Nine Inch Nails-- "Hyperpower!"
2) Uncle Tupelo-- "No Depression"
3) Wilco-- "Burned"
4) Feist-- "Honey Honey"
5) They Might Be Giants-- "Spiralling Shape"
6) Reel Big Fish-- "Everything Sucks"
7) White Stripes-- "Indistinct Blues"
8) REM-- "It's a Free World Baby"
9) Prince-- "She's Always in My Hair"
10) Reel Big Fish-- "Boys Don't Cry"

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