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So I just finished Bridge of Sighs, and I just started Bill Bryson's new biography of William Shakespeare (it's a slim little volume, and I'm stretching before reading the much longer biography I'm really looking forward to) . I typically despise Bill Bryson-- what others call his "wit," I call his unwarranted smugness and self-satisfaction-- but so far his Shakespeare book is surprisingly inoffensive (mostly because he's wisely chosen to keep his own personality out of the damn thing, I suspect). Still, I've only read the first chapter-- there's plenty of time for Bryson to rant and rave about how stupid other people are or to make fun of fat people-- two of his less endearing rhetorical tricks.

Still, I'm reading a lot online today, and figured I'd point out some of the more interesting stuff I've encountered.

SJ tells us that her sister is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This is an important and worthwhile cause, obviously-- they do a lot of work to raise money not only for research, but also to create programs for patients and their families to improve their quality of life. So toss a few dollars her way, if you can spare it.

Jeff Fecke makes me laugh at Jonah Goldberg's utter stupidity. Okay, granted-- that's an easy thing to do. But Jeff's still a great writer with an insightful mind, and we should all thank him for taking a gander at Jonah Goldberg's... ahem... "book," so that we don't have to.

The AV Club has a list of the worst movies of 2007. Turns out Norbit wasn't very good. Who knew?

I can't decide if Rupert Everett has lost his mind, or is the most honest person in Hollywood. Maybe six of one, half dozen of the other? He seems like a remarkably unpleasant man (and has seemed that way even since My Best Friend's Wedding), but really-- what is the fundamental difference between Robert Downey, Jr. and Brittney Spears's substance abuse problems? Why is one a tragic national treasure, and the other the subject of scorn and cruel jokes?

And there's still one more day to vote in This week's Ethical Exhibitionist Poll-- What's Your Favorite Print Literary Magazine? So far, The Missouri Review and Fourth Genre are battling it out. Funny thing-- I know I voted for one of those two, but I can't remember which.

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