Storytelling and a Meme from Culture Industry

The verbal story form lives! Watch Dylan Brody at the IMPROV...

The meme passed on from Mark at Culture Industry is: "7 random and/or weird facts about yourself."

1. I have the same birthday as Phyllis Diller, and I think that's cool.

2. When there were only a handful of millionaires in the US, my grandfather's grandfather was one of them; nonetheless I grew up sometimes hungry and without shoes. Ah, fortune's wheel.

3. I lived as an illegal immigrant in England, and that was the thinnest I ever was in my life, but every day I walked to work along the Roman walls of Southampton, and that alone made it worthwhile.

4. I once hitchhiked with my cousin Matt from France through all of Belgium and into Holland, then back again. We met a Parisian radio DJ, an Iranian carpet merchant, and a man named Jeffrey who traveled with his dog Kashmir, who was dying. Jeffrey and Kashmir were the only survivors of a drunk-driving wreck in which Jeffrey was driving and three of his best friends were killed. We went with them all the way to Terneuzen and hung out for hours at a "coffeeshop" called the Checkpoint Cafe. Jeffrey and Kashmir will be with me to the day I die.

5. By the time I left San Francisco, I had become a minor local celebrity, and people would stop me by the olive bar at the co-op and exclaim, "it's Amy from Anchor!"

6. I'm averse to self-promotion, but must do it, or my work is for naught.

7. My "Venus Envy" is on display at Fringe Magazine, go read it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I was supposed to tag somebody. I taggeth Someday Satori, Paul at Impolitic Eye, Littlebangtheory, and Zimdog.

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