Some Clarifications

Look, when I said I "marched with" Martin Luther King, what I meant by "marched with" was simply that I was aware that a man named Martin Luther King existed, and that he did some marching. Did I personally "march" with him? No, of course not-- I'm sorry if anybody misunderstood. What can I say? I was an English major.

Also, when I claimed to have "majored" in political science, of course what I meant was that I lived in a dorm not too far from the political science building, and that I was once held by the legs by a poltiical science major while doing a keg stand. Or was he an art student? Who the the hell knows? Does it matter? I didn't expect people to take me literally.

Speaking of college... when I claimed to have "French-kissed" Daphne Du Maurier at the ATO house's "Rasta Pasta" party, of course what I meant was that I read Rebecca in the 9th grade (this one should have been obvious-- Daphne Du Maurier died five years before I started college).

And finally, when I said that America "could probably be okay with Mitt Romney as president," I was-- of course-- completely talking out of my ass. Mitt Romney would be a terrible president. We all know that, right?

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