Some academic supporters of Ron Paul

I found this via The Chronicle of Higher Education's election blog.

A group of academics has issued a statment endorsing Ron Paul.

What they say at the History News Network:

A Paul administration will dramatically reduce the size and scope of the federal government over our lives and liberties. President Paul will work to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, emphasize free trade and diplomacy over confrontation, cease the war on drugs, which has destroyed the lives and liberties of the poor in inner cities, and end our error-ridden system of federal capital punishment. To accomplish these goals, and ensure that those in greatest need do not suffer during the transition, Paul will bring home the troops and abandon our ruinously expensive and futile effort to police the world.

Paul is the only presidential candidate with a proven record of defending academic freedom across-the-board. He has stood against efforts by both the political right and left to restrict the free discourse of ideas in higher education. He strongly opposes the use of speech codes to restrict academic freedom. For the same reason, he has spoken out against the so-called Academic Bill of Rights and other proposals that would empower politicians to impose “ideological balance” in the classroom. As Paul points out, these “speech codes of the right” would, if implemented, create a chilling effect on free and creative academic inquiry and teaching.

Um ... I'm all for academic freedom and I do not like the efforts to restrict faculty speech, but this seems rather odd to me. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't a libertarian who wants to abolish things like the IRS also abolish things like federal (and likely) state support for public universities? Wouldn't we all be out of jobs?

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