Reason #35672349785 to support the WGA

This is what the networks think of you. American Freaking Gladiators, hosted by Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali. Yes, this was announced before the writers strike began, but it's clear that it was brought back precisely because of the potential for the strike.

Be insulted. Television is in a Golden Age right now--there are more good shows on the air than ever before. (There's more crap on than ever before as well--lots of channels to fill up.) Now, a show that would never have gotten a green light is given a season, maybe two, to gather an audience, because there's plenty of space to fill, and as a result, we have terrific stuff to watch. But if the strike drags on--and right now, it looks like the networks are bargaining in bad faith, so that's a probability--then watch for ever more of this kind of crap on tv.

Or rather, don't watch. Ratings are falling already, and as the folks at Hollywood United note,

television networks are having to give back advertising revenue because ratings have fallen off, especially in late night, normally a cash cow. Targeted by fans, advertisers are actively considering pulling their ad dollars from networks until the strike is concluded. More and more financially important tent-pole movies are falling off the studios' production schedules. The stock prices of the AMPTP member companies are dropping.
The writers can win this thing, but they'll need more than just sticking together. They need television viewers to refuse to watch replacement shows like American Gladiators. We have a part to play in this fight.

And if you want to let studio execs know how you feel about this, Firedoglake has a widget up to help you reach out to those in charge.

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