Reading Early Wonder Woman, part three

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One of the characters that William Moulton Marston introduces readers of Wonder Woman to is the sassy sorority sister/band leader Etta Candy. Wonder Woman goes in search of an army (of sorts) to help defeat Doctor Poison -- and she knows that going to the Army itself will endanger Steve's life.

Instead, she heads to Holliday College for Women to seek out Etta Candy, a friend of the real Nurse Diana Prince. Etta Candy is always willing to help a friend -- and she helps out Wonder Woman frequently throughout the early issues, shouting "Woo-woo!" in excitement for capturing the criminals.

When they first meet, Wonder Woman remarks that she didn't initially recognize Etta, because "my friend, Diana Prince, the nurse, said you were a thin girl when she knew you in the hospital."

Etta explains: "I was thin, all right, when I went to the hospital. But after they took out my appendix, I could eat anything -- so I did! Nurse Diana was swell to me -- I'd do anything for her -- except diet!" In later issues, Etta does diet (a bit) for Diana Prince, taking off ten pounds, but hates it. She tells Diana, "Well, Di, I kept my promise. I took off ten pounds, but I don't like it -- gimme my candy!"

So, a sidekick who's sassy, always willing to "catch a man," always loyal, and hates to diet. She and her army of beautiful, strong girls from Holliday College always enjoy the chase against the enemy -- describing it (as Wonder Woman often does) as a game.

I simply wanted to introduce to you this fun character. Others have had good (more thorough) discussions of Etta Candy: go here and here

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