Quick Hits and the Random Ten

First of all, I can't begin to say how awesome it is with this being the first Friday of the winter break. I'm not officially off yet, since I haven't turned in my grades, but it's close freaking enough.

Second, can sportswriters do me a couple of favors on this baseball steroids story? You've known the Mitchell report was coming for months now--come up with a better comparison than Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Black Sox. And a little self-reflection on the fact that you and your fellow sports reporters didn't exactly cover yourselves in glory during the decade as far as your reporting is concerned would go a long way as well. Besides--the Black Sox comparison is a stupid one anyway--the differences are significant and numerous, and steroid use has not affected the integrity of the game (assuming it had much to begin with.

This is a great place to keep up with The Writers Guild strike. It's also a terrific place to learn about contract negotiations in real time.

What a shock! People whose jobs are funded by taxpayers are opposing ruinous tax decreases in Florida. Seriously though--if you're going to save twenty bucks a month but your kid winds up in an even more crowded classroom, and your fire department loses a couple of people, have you really saved anything?

Oh, and one more reason why I don't care about the baseball steroids scandal: Bush says they've sullied the game. Do you think he really knows what that word means?

Here's the Random Ten--put the iTunes on Random Play and choose the next ten songs to pop up. And drink up--it's holiday time.

1. Raspberry Beret--Warren Zevon
2. Another Lonely Day--Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals
3. Sinking Feeling--Chris Thomas King
4. Psychopathia Sexualis--Lenny Bruce
5. Freedom Walk--Lifesavas
6. Heartbeat--Steps
7. Phonograph Blues--Robert Johnson
8. Kill That Noise--MC Shan
9. Neighborhood #4--The Arcade Fire
10. The Bridge is Over--KRS-One

Reading anything interesting? Pass it on.

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