On my own coffee "problem"

SJ's discussion of the campus Starbucks and her coffee addiction got me to thinking about my own coffee "problem."

It's not really a problem, except that I drink an awful lot of it. It began in college, and I would put a little sugar in it (though the minister at my home church mocked me for this -- he would suggest that I wasn't being "Swedish" enough. 'Cause sugar is wimpy). My real coffee addiction kicked in when I lived for three months in Vienna. I spent a lot of time at this, the most wonderful cafe in the world:

It was just down the street from the guesthouse we lived in.

Even then, I put sugar - and sometimes cream - in my coffee (Viennese coffee is incredibly strong. Spoon standing up strong). It wasn't until grad school, when I studied for my PhD exams that I gave up the sugar in my coffee. I decided that somehow the sugar made it "less powerful." I know it doesn't make sense, but I gave up the sugar and started drinking it black.

At my worst - during exams and during some really intensive sessions of dissertation writing - I get up to about 1.5 to 2 pots of coffee a day. Lately, though, I generally manage to only drink one pot a day, at most.

Problem? What problem?

And I wonder why I sometimes have difficulty sleeping.

(Okay, this post was actually just an excuse to put up a picture. I thought I'd give it a little context as to why I took pictures of coffee shops in Europe.)

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