Maybe he's in the TARDIS?

As Amy and I eagerly await procuring (by unnamed means) a copy of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, I provide you this story of holiday cheer.

A statue of the infant Jesus on display near Miami in Florida is being fitted with a Global Positioning System device after the original figurine was stolen.

The near-life-size figure forms part of a nativity scene in Bal Harbour.

The original vanished three weeks ago, despite being bolted to the ground.

You've got to really want a baby Jesus to unbolt it from the ground--unless you have a sonic screwdriver and the Jesus is really some relic of an ancient race that has it in for Earth, which always seems to be the case. Is attaching GPS to everything one of the early stages of Cyberman development? Am I blathering because I assume that no one will ever read this because it's Christmas Eve? Kylie Minogue? And what cruel bastard at Dish Network decided to put Fox News and BBC America on the same tier and can I punch that person really really hard?

Those are my deep thoughts for this Xmas Eve. So while I'm geeking out, protect yourself from Robot Santa, and save your strength for New Years.

Oh, and for no reason whatsoever, I give you this as my Xmas present.

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