I'm glad to be living in Florida

I just recieved a link to an alert page at the University from which I will graduate next Friday. I am glad not to have to worry about such things as this:

If severe winter weather hits the area, MU Alert will have information about cancellations and other campus concerns.

Should the weather make it necessary for the chancellor to cancel exams scheduled for Monday, Dec. 10, or a portion of Monday, the campus will be informed via a number of outlets. The local media will be notified. In addition, an announcement will be posted on MU Alert by 6 a.m. on Monday. Furthermore, a mass e-mail will be sent to all students, staff and faculty by 6 a.m. Monday.

You will be notified on Monday about the status of any re-scheduled exams cancelled by the chancellor due to weather.

That said, Bradley and I are flying to the area next week (for above-mentioned graduation. The PhD ceremony is much cooler than the undergraduate ceremony). We are going to be so damn cold. We've acclimated to Florida very quickly.

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