If I were a Member of Congress

I would be sorely tempted to introduce my own resolution in response to this one, which read, simply:

Whereas Rep. King (R-Iowa) obviously has too much time on his hands;

Whereas Rep. King sees threats to his faith where none exist;

Whereas Rep. King suffers from cognitive dissonance, since he is arguing that a group of religions which claim a third of the world's population and over three-fourths of the US population needs reassurance that the government of the US likes them;

Be it resolved that Congress proclaim:

that Rep. King forever be known as Rep. Putz of Putztown;

that he be mocked mercilessly in public for as long as he holds public office;

that he be held in disdain by Christian and heathen alike;

that anyone who votes in favor of his resolution be treated in like manner.

Yo Saturnalia!

In all seriousness, I don't hate the season. We even have our little tree up, complete with lights. The commercialism I could do without, though I like giving and receiving gifts. But it's this kind of insanity that really pisses me off. If there's a war on Christmas, then the enemy is the Rep. Kings of this world, people so sanctimonious and pompous in their beliefs that they make the rest of the world look at them and say "man, what an asshole."

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