Holiday Cheer to Make Your Grading Season Pass Pleasantly

I think I can speak for my fellow Incerta-Americans when I say that this is the busy time of year for us-- actually, one of two or three busy times of year when the student papers have come in and we're anxious to get them graded so we can get on the road (or just down the road, to the bar). So here's some merriment-- my Festivus present to Brian, Amy, and Emily, and anyone else reading this who just feels like keeping the "stma" in Christmas.*

*There's no such word as "stma," but I propose that those of us who like to celebrate the holidays with friends, family, and good cheer-- and not some narrow-minded Bill O'Reilly fundamentalmigetist sort of way-- appropriate that whole "keep Christ in Christmas language." Stma. It's that feeling you get when your love for other people genuinely make you happy around the holidays, and you are able to detach yourself from your persecution complex long enough to drink some egg nog and chill the fuck out with some sugar cookies.

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