Giving Sean Penn Credit

I'm awfully critical of Sean Penn, on account of the fact that I think he's the most overrated actor of his generation. I also find the grammatical errors in his political writings kind of embarrassing-- I love it when conservatives are stupid, but it makes me cringe when someone espousing a point-of-view I can generally agree with proves himself to be, well, kinda dumb.

Still, I enjoyed the following clip because I found Penn's patience rather inspiring-- even when the crowd of students he's addressing gets frustrated with his silent heckler, Penn himself encourages tolerance for his presence. And Penn was right to do so. The guy wasn't really out of line-- although he was surely blocking some people's views, his expression did nothing to silence or drown out the guy he was protesting.

And it turns out that Penn is campaigning for the candidate I will most likely vote for in the primaries. Damn. Maybe I'm dumb too...

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