Family Values

When 19-year-old college freshman Teddy Gambordella told his father, Ted, that he was not interested in becoming a Republican like the old man, Ted responded in the most compassionately conservative way he could: He announced that he would not pay for Teddy's college education. “I can’t support his college education when he is going to act like that,” the elder Gambordella said.

Remember, "act like that" means think for himself and behave like a grown-up.

Of course, the father isn't obligated to pay for the son's education-- lots of people pay their own way through college. But it seems incredible to me that a person with the means to provide his son with an education would choose not to, in an effort to punish the son for having his own point-of-view. Part of the American Dream, it seems to me, has been the desire to provide our children with better lives than the ones we've had. Not so for some Republicans, it seems.

Anyway, having been betrayed by his own father, Teddy came up with the plan to create a website and sell advertising space while promoting liberal causes. So far, he hasn't made much money-- financial reality prevented him from some of the more expensive schools that he applied to. At the moment, the site remains up and running, and there's lots of space available. Furthermore, he's now promised to donate half of the money he earns from the website to Hillary Clinton's campain.

“I couldn’t be unhappier,” said the elder Gambordella, a martial arts expert from Dallas, Texas (naturally). “Of all the Democrats to raise money for, she’s the worst.”

Heh heh heh. Everytime I look at that passage, I start chuckling.

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