Christmas with the Hitch

Obviously, I'm not an atheist, but I found this interview with Christopher Hitchens about atheism in America (and the way he celebrates the Festivus season with his kids) really interesting. While I disagree with him on quite a few large issues, Hitchens has an eloquent and persuasive style of argumentation, whether he's writing or speaking. Consider this:

"Everyone has the need to experience something larger than their mammalian self, to be just a bit more than a primate. Knowing that we are primates, I think, is a fascinating discovery, and a very interesting and rather cheering one. To find out how much we have in common with other creatures and with other forms of life like vegetation, in our DNA—it's all very interesting, as well as giving us a more modest sense of ourselves. But we can't just be primates all day. We need to fall in love; we have a very strong connection with music, and a feeling for landscape. And in my case—because I'm not a great outdoors person, though I love the sea—for literature and poetry."

Good stuff. Consider this a postscript to my previous blog entry about interesting stuff I've read today.

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