Bradley Came to Miami, F-L-A

Actually, it was Boynton Beach via Ft. Lauderdale, but I can't imagine anyone really cares that much when there's a Lou Reed reference on the line.

Emily and I are back from our trip to the Chicago area-- we were at her mom and stepdad's in Aurora up through Christmas, then went into the city for the big Modern Language Association conference. Emily's job interviews seemed to go okay-- there was no shouting or crying or swearing or biting, at any rate. And I had a good time visiting with old grad school friends-- particularly the poet Steve Gehrke and the fiction writer and occassional essayist Michael Piafsky, who I went out drinking with last night and who I have decided to blame for today's massive exhaustion.

The conference itself was pretty good, as far as I could tell-- I didn't actually go to any panels. I wanted to hang around with Emily before and after her interviews, which basically meant that I really couldn't do much during the day. And I don't like going to evening panels-- I'm always afraid that I'll fall asleep. But still, this conference seemed pretty well-organized, and-- judging from the PMLA-- there were any number of really good panels that I'm sure someone attended and enjoyed. I did spend a significant amount of time at the book fair, where I picked up a ton of examination copies-- including the latest edition of Sam Cohen's anthology 50 Essays, Root and Steinberg's The Fourth Genre, and Dinty W. Moore's The Truth of the Matter: Art and Craft in Creative Nonfiction. Among lots and lots of other stuff.

Anyway. We're both glad to be back. All this travel lately has been exhuasting, and I'm looking to sleeping in my own bed tonight. In fact, I think I might go see about that right now...

Oh, Christmas was good. My godson sent me a Superman and Jor-El action figure two-pack, which was pretty rad. And we got some new beer glasses. And we had a nice time with my mother-in-law and my... step-father-in-law? Yeah, all good. Just so you know.

Okay, now about that bed...

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