Away We Go (Again)

In less than twelve hours, Emily and I will be on a plane once again, this time heading to her mom's house in Aurora, Illinois for Christmas. After that, we'll be in Chicago for MLA-- if you're there, you'll recognize me as the only person at the conference wearing jeans, I'm sure. Hey, I'm not on the job market this year-- no sense in wearing the black suit that seems to be the official uniform of the Modern Language Association.

Anyway. We'll be back next Sunday night, but then we may or may not have friends in town (we're still figuring out just when they're coming). So it may be a few days before Emily and I blog again.

With that in mind, it seemed appropriate to extend holiday wishes to all off the online friends we've gotten to know since Brian invited us to join this community back in May. So Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to the Misanthrope, Teh Portly Dyke, Melissa McEwan, Bobby, Heather, TheCunningRunt, Batocchio, SJ, Shannon, Mark, Papatya, and everyone else I'm surely overlooking right now. (Cut me some slack, though-- I'm still trying to get over this killer head cold from hell).

And, of course, we both want to extend our best wishes and season's greetings to our most excellent co-bloggers, Amy and Brian.


Bradley (and Emily, too)

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