Aptera and the Random Ten

I totally want one of these. Too bad it's only going to be available in California.

Here's the Random Ten for this week. Put your iTunes on random play and post the next ten songs that pop up. No cheating to make yourself look more ironic than usual.

1. Catacomb Kids--Aesop Rock
2. Mrs. O--Dresden Dolls
3. Blind Willie McTell--Bob Dylan
4. Fortunate Son--Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. This Modern Love--Bloc Party
6. Below the Beams--Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
7. Me and the Devil Blues--Eric Clapton
8. Don't Look Back--Teenage Fanclub
9. Man On the Run--Cowboy Mouth
10. Dancing With Myself--Nouvelle Vague

And just because I feel weird, here's some Yannick.

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