Stuff Worth Reading and a Random Ten

I don't quite have it in me to type up a proper post at the moment-- I kinda want to write about Wonder Woman gettings its first woman ongoing writer in its 66 years of publishing history, but I think Emily's preparing a thoughtful post about the original Wonder Woman comics of the early 40s-- back before the character became a violent, sexist fantasy figure-- so I think maybe I'll wait until she's talked about the character's past to talk about the present and future.

Bob Moser has written a fantastic article in The Nation (reprinted at AlterNet) about the Democratic Party's decision to disenfranchise Florida voters. I thought if I read the article, I'd understand the issue in a new light, and I do-- Democrats are stupid.

(Okay, that's not quite the case, but in this instance, put the Jim Belushi CD in the player and pass the corndogs-- we're having a stupid party!)

S.J. has written an eloquent post about censorship, librarians, and people who "challenge" books. Challenging books. Christ. We must have a better word to describe this process. I mean, Rocky was a challenger. These people are villainous illiterates. Why describe what they do in terms that could possible be construed as noble? From now on, when I read about someone trying to get a book banned, I'm going to refer to it as "assaulting."

Teh Portly Dyke has, once again, elevated the tone by writing about why so-called progressive white bloggers are still reluctant to talk about race. Well-reasoned, well-written, important stuff.

And you can still vote in my "What dead nonfiction writer would you like to have a meal with?" poll over at my creative nonfiction blog The Ethical Exhibitionist.

Okay. Random Ten time. Shuffle... music player. Record... top ten. Marvel at... how much Journey you actually own.

1) Morrissey-- "How Could Anybody Possible Know How I Feel?"
2) Queen-- "Flash's Theme" (awesome!)
3) Me First and the Gimme Gimmes-- "Leaving on a Jet Plane"
4) Warren Zevon-- "Splendid Isolation"
5) Reel Big Fish-- "Good Thing"
6) James-- "Tomorrow"
7) Ron Sexsmith-- "I Don't Like Mondays"
8) The Velvet Underground-- "Here She Comes"
9) Electric Six-- "The Usual"
10) Len-- "Steal My Sunshine" (shut up-- you know it's cool)

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