Re: our recent relative absence

Bradley and I are hosting his family right now. His parents and siblings have rented a house on the Intercoastal a bit north of us, so they're not actually staying with us. They are, however, hanging out with us (of course ...). This means we're really busy at the moment (we played a couple of bitchin' games of Trivial Pursuit last night).

So we're going to be less active the next couple of days. Well, that might not be true. Bradley may still have time to give you his words of wisdom. Or something.

I am preparing for my last trip to the grocery store to pick up Thanksgiving supplies. Okay, it's actually the only trip I'm taking for the bulk of the Thanksgiving stuff. I've only managed to buy the turkey. That Bradley and I will not be eating.

Wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous about all those people with all those shopping carts the day before Thanksgiving ...

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