One Laptop Per Child Coming Soon

If you haven't heard of the One Laptop Per Child project, you haven't heard about something that might grant your life a little of the hope for the future you've been missing, what with this whole corrupt government illegal war institutional hypocrisy politics of fear "go ahead and hate your neighbor go ahead and cheat a friend"-reprise world we're suffering.

The best information I've seen on the actual object comes from the NYTimes technology reviewer, who actually reviews it as a piece of new technology -- and it does wonderfully, though he points out, it's sized for children's hands, it runs programs for children, etc. It's designed to help small people learn not only how to use computers, but how computers work. It's rugged as hell, has the world's first full-sunlight hi-res laptop screen, is utterly connected and connectible, and runs on so little power you'll weep for the amount of damage your ibook is doing to the world. Designed for children in developing countries, it can be powered with a small solar panel or a hand-crank. And it costs $200.

This laptop is great for kids. Not just kids in the third world, but the kids in your world. And it will be a better world when they all grow up having had the same computers. Which is why you need to buy two: one for a kid you know, and one for a kid you don't.

I know you're not made of money, and $400 doesn't fall off a tree, but it's not an insurmountable pricetag either, and for that $400 you not only buy a very, very cool holiday present for a young 'un in your life, you buy the exact same wonderful present for a poor kid in an underdeveloped country that's going to invest him or her (hopefully lots of hers) in the 21st Century and make this planet a better place for all of us.

Here is the website for the One Laptop Per Child project. This is something you need to do now*. They're only going to make these laptops available to the public for a short time, and this is a little piece of the future you need to help make happen. Buy one for the rugrat in your life, and some kid you'll never see, somewhere. You're going to fund a project that's going to improve the quality of life on Earth. All it costs is $400, and you're going to see what that bought. You're going to hold it in your hands. Then you're going to give it to someone whose hands are small enough to use it.

*By now I really mean early next week, which is when they'll be available for purchase.

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