The Next Iron Chef

Has its finale tonight, in kitchen stadium, and we've got the DVR spun up and waiting. I'm not the first to observe that the show seems to have been both sexist and racist (do a blog search for Next Iron Chef Sexist to get started), what with the first two eliminated contestants being the only two women in the contestant pool, followed by the one black contestant, and then a very contentious dismissal of the short girly-looking white boy over the one hispanic contestant, because "he couldn't even salt and season his food." Not to worry, though: the hispanic contestant was next. That left three: a good ol' boy, a thug, and a kind of quirky guy with horn-rimmed glasses and a bleached mohawk. Who do you think went next?

So the throw down tonight in kitchen stadium is between the good ol' boy and the thug. One blogger I read said that this is just mirroring the culinary industry accurately, but more people seem annoyed. Some are saying "that's how the competition falls out," but like all these types of shows, it has less to do with cooking-performance and more to do with stage-presence. The goal of the program is find a new TV personality above all else. And it's clear the personality they're going for: a big, tall, boisterous, back-slapping, light-skinned, male.

Why didn't they just say so, and save the others their time and trouble?

...she says, as she piles pillows on the floor and lays out her "Iron Chef"-watching clothes.

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