My Hypochondria and a Random Ten

As some of you who have met me in the real, physical world (as opposed to knowing the obnoxious persona I take on when posting to this blog) know, I'm a terrible hypochondriac. It all started, really, around the third time I was diagnosed with cancer, at 23. Prior to that, I could ignore all sorts of warning signs and symptoms (like I did the first two times I had cancer). But now, well... just ask Emily how many fake heart attacks I've had since she met me. Or how many times I've diagnosed myself with lung cancer, leukemia, or a lymphoma. It happens all the time around here.

So when I am really sick-- and not just imagining symptoms-- it's even worse. Take this cold I have at the moment. I noticed last Wednesday, after getting settled in at the hotel in Iowa, that I was feeling kind of dizzy. That caused me to worry that my thyroid medication was off, and that I would wind up having a panic attack (this used to happen a lot, but hasn't been an issue for over a year). So, worrying about a panic attack, of course, caused a panic attack. And when it passed, and I was still dizzy... another panic attack. Then, I started coughing. Lung cancer! And another panic attack.

At this point, my cold is beginning to fade and I'm probably getting easier to live with again, but I'm still kinda dizzy-- which, I think, probably means an ear infection, right? Or else a brain tumor...

Anyway, here's the Random Ten. Blah blah blah blah blah.

1) Regina Spektor-- "Fidelity"
2) Barnaked Ladies-- "If I Had $1,000,000"
3) Liz Phair-- "Help Me Mary"
4) John Cale-- "Strange Times in Casablanca"
5) Red Hot Chili Peppers-- "Give it Away"
6) The Boomtown Rats-- "I Don't Like Mondays"
7) Meat Loaf-- "Bat Out of Hell" (ah, high school)
8) Beastie Boys-- "Brass Monkey"
9) Stew-- "Re-Hab"
10) Gene Pitney-- "Backstage" (Fuck yeah! Pitney fuckin' rules!)

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