I hope there's more to it than that

The WGA and the producers are meeting again, and that's good news on the Writer's Strike front. It's what's tied to the meeting that gives me cause for snark this morning.

The surprise announcement the two sides would return to the bargaining table on Nov. 26 came late Friday as TV production shutdowns mounted and the strike claimed its first casualty among the major film studios — postponement of "The Da Vinci Code" sequel starring Tom Hanks.

Is there a chance that a prolonged strike will kill that film for good? Oh, if only.

I mean, if an extended WGA strike can delay that behemoth, which is about as certain to suck as an Emerson Lake & Palmer reunion tour and laser light show, then maybe it can do something about these monstrosities. Or perhaps it will only delay the inevitable, and condemn us to weeks and weeks of "The Littlest Groom" reruns and revivals of whatever John McEnroe's chair-surrounded-by-flames game show was named.

I'm willing to deal with that eventuality as long as the WGA comes out on top in this battle. That's my only condition, as a television and film watcher. Just win, baby. I'd like to think that this is a case of the film companies blinking first, and I hope I'm right.

Hat tip for the bad films link to Atrios

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