Charming, charming, charming

This is absolute bullshit.

From The South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

A gay rights group is accusing Palm Beach Community College of putting puppies ahead of people when it comes to health care coverage.

The college sent an e-mail to employees this month saying they can enroll in pet insurance, a new voluntary benefit that will take effect Jan. 8. That rankled leaders of Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, who have unsuccessfully lobbied PBCC to offer health benefits to domestic partners of gay and unmarried employees.

Even if -- as PBCC claims -- the two are completely unrelated issues and even if the trustees are going to continue to reconsider offering domestic partner benefits, this is awful. They really aren't thinking about how this looks to the employees, and the community around them -- what message does this send?

I'm going to go back to washing the damn dishes (our dishwasher decided to kick it yesterday morning as I was preparing the feast o' the day).

edited for, um, the right words. I'm not so much for thinking these days, apparently

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