Walrus is back

And he's got a nice post up about sports fans and nerds that's well worth reading.

Look at how we would characterize a Star Trek convention and compare:...

Eye for Minutia?

Oh yeah. The sports fan is nothing if not a repository for a list of numbers, dates, and rosters. We're led to believe that somehow knowing when and where the Klingons and Federation signed a treaty is being a total nerd ("Who knows those kind of things?") but knowing the batting average and line up of the 1954 Cubs is normal? I don't know either, but I can guess which person spent too much time in a room with not enough light on a single subject, and he isn't wearing Spock ears...

Now, I like sports. I can tell you how my Saints are doing (not well) and I generally do the ICFU (though I missed it this week). I know the Colorado Rockies are putting on a show for all time right now, having won 22 of their last 23 games and having swept their way to the World Series. But I'm not even a piker compared to true sports fans, the kinds of guys Walrus is talking about. Those guys are freaky, especially in the way that they have no clue just how geeky they really are.

I mean, us Star Trek fans (and I am only a fan, not a Trekkie or Trekker) embrace our geekiness. We revel in it. We have the art of self-deprecation down pat, and it's a good thing, too, because otherwise our days would get loooooong.

Sports fans could learn a thing or two from us. We don't get seizures if the next Trek film is a horrible idea (it is) or if the guy playing young Spock is horribly miscast (I have no idea). We just geek out in our conversations over whether Janeway or Cisco was the superior commander (Janeway, in a walk--she gives Picard a run for his money) or what the hell went wrong with Enterprise (everything). Just lurk through the message boards over at CBS Sportsline or ESPN sometime and you'll see people having coronaries over the suggestion that the Dallas Cowboys are overrated. Guys--relax. You're a geek. Get over it.

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