Waiting rooms are tense places. Of course the real action is going on behind that closed door, but the jolly laughter and the occasional sound of -- a drill? a bandsaw? -- keep me half-terrified as well. The only thing keeping everything sane is the calm narration of Sir David Attenborough, who, as he describes the starving pride of lions devouring the elephant calf above my head, does so in such a way as to say, "yes, life is brutal, this is simply how it is," and one relaxes into the tension of the moment, and forgives.

I did suggest that Brian blog from the stirrup as it were, since the doctor's office has wi-fi (in addition to enough Audubon and National Geographic material to make Sir Attenborough proud), but he took in the latest Southern Review instead. Expect his feelings on this issue to be colored by an -- unusual reading room.

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