Since there is so much sexiness

on the blog today, I thought I'd add this very sexy story about some very sexy orgasms, oops, I mean, organisms who know how to get down with the group reproduction by the very sexy moonlight, in this super choreographed kind of super sexy way.

Sexy enough for you?

Actually, the real discovery here is that coral polyps have eyes!

That means that the evolution of the eye/photoreceptor, goes back much, much farther than previously thought. As does the sexual association with moonlight, since it is full moonlight, among other conditions which prompts the coral to orgy and swamp the sea with their seed.

That also means that when you go snorkeling, you're being watched by millions of little polyp eyes! (And that you're possibly swimming through their jizz.)

Cool pic and cool story from the NYTimes.

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