On Values Voters

On Washington Journal this morning--we use it to help us wake up before we go to work--the burning question was "Are you a values voter and what does it mean to you?" The question came up this morning because the mouth-breathers who wave the banner of hate as morality are having a convention in DC starting today, and the Republican candidates are all going to bend their knees before Dobson and the rest.

But taken literally, most everyone who votes is a values voter--we all vote for the candidate or party that either best represents our feelings or positions or we'll vote against the candidate or party who holds positions the most opposite our own. My values happen to include support for a trans-inclusive ENDA bill, for equality for all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or creed, for an end to the Iraq War, for transparency in government, for a separation of church and state, for a woman's unlimited right to choose her medical care, and many, many other positions along those lines.

The best part of this morning's show has been when the moderator asks, as a follow-up question, "what are those values?" because while the mouth-breathers spew a good line about being values voters who love Jesus, they splutter a bit on the specifics, as though they know, subconsciously, that if they go too far over the edge, they'll alienate people who are listening. Now, one of the beautiful things about Washington Journal is that at 7:00 a.m., most people sound like idiots, but this morning, it's been in full effect. As the show has gone on this morning, the answers have gotten better, especially from those who are making the distinction I have been--that we all have values, and the psycho-right doesn't own the word.

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