Not quite this bad, but...

So here's the report on the surgery and the post-surgery recovery. I'm posting this more as supplemental information for people who might google Dr. Stein or his office or vasectomy reversals in general looking for information, rather than for discussion, but if anyone has questions, I'm glad to answer them.

First of all, Dr. Stein's office is incredibly professional. They answered all my questions directly, and from the time this process started months ago, have been very open about the procedure and the chances that it will result in not only a return of sperm, but in pregnancy in general. The chances are low--about one in three--and I never felt like Dr. Stein was trying to make me feel like the odds were any better than that. Everyone in the office was nice and did everything they could to make me comfortable.

And comfort, as you might imagine, is a big deal in this kind of surgery. The entire procedure takes about three hours, and for that time, you're lying flat on your back with your legs more or less straight in front of you. That caused a problem for me, because my back doesn't like that position, and it got seriously uncomfortable for me about halfway through the procedure. Because Dr. Stein does his procedure in-office, as opposed to in a surgical unit, he's limited in the types of anesthesia he can use--this was done using a local anesthetic, which was great on my balls, but did nothing for my back. He did, however, call in a prescription for valium and vicodin, (which bless├ęd Amy walked down and filled) which eased the discomfort enough for me to make it through.

When I mentioned to Dr. Stein and his office staff that I'd be writing about this on the blog, they made sure to ask me to be honest about the experience--don't sugarcoat it. And I'm not. There were some times in that 3 hours where I wanted to scream from the back pain, but when you're talking about a $4,000-6,000 difference, between Dr. Stein's method and what other places wanted to charge, you suck it up. And when the discomfort got bad early on, Dr. Stein seemed a little surprised that I hadn't been prescribed something in anticipation of this procedure, and had me medicated inside 20 minutes.

Dr. Stein was very animated thoughout, explaining what was going on at every step of the procedure. He invited Amy to sit in and watch (which she did for part of the time) and offered me the use of a mirror if I wanted to watch. I didn't take him up on it--there are some parts of my body I'd rather leave mysterious, and the inside of my scrotum is one of them.

The post-surgery recovery has been no biggie. The discomfort started to fade almost immediately once I got off the bed. I haven't taken any pain medication at all since the stuff I took for the back pain, and don't foresee taking any afterward. In short, I recommend Dr. Stein with no reservations.

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