A little holiday shopping

Is it wrong that I purchased Halloween candy and Christmas cards at the same time?

Well, I did. I know that Brian and Amy didn't grow up in households with holidays, but Bradley and I both did. And I take Christmas cards very, very seriously. (Bradley can attest to this. A low figure would be at least 60 cards. But it's probably more than that).

One of the things that I like about them, though, is that it's a way to keep in touch with people. It's an annual excuse to contact people I've been thinking about, but am too distracted to email at another time of year. It's also a way to bridge some familial differences. I've noticed that when Bradley and I were about to be married, a number of his (conservative) cousins sent us cards addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley. Even though my mother-in-law had made it quite clear that I was keeping my own name.

Most of Bradley's aunts (and Bradley's mother) thought it was great that I was intent on keeping my name. But the cousins were obviously less convinced.

More recently -- and probably in response to the mailings I've sent the relatives about changing addresses and more Christmas cards -- those cousins have been addressing the cards with both of our names. I appreciate that. I like to think that I've introduced some feminism into their lives -- that they can associate me with a political idea that they're generally skeptical of. I also like that despite obvious political differences, we do make up one big family (my own family is very small).

But I also just like sending and recieving holiday cards (I send appropriate cards to appropriate people. And mostly, my cards tell everyone to hope for peace on earth. Never a moment without reminding people of what I believe in).

Oh. And go check out this picture from Halloween 1987.

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