Just a Few Random Thoughts to Accompany a Random Ten

Some thoughts that don't merit a blog posting of their own...

Now that Al Gore's won the Nobel Prize, I hope he buries the hatchet with the Green Party and runs as their candidate in 2008. Demolishing the two party system will be very difficult, but if anyone can do it, he can. Run, Al, run!

More evidence that the 90s are back: I saw a kid at school on Wednesday wearing a Skinny Puppy T-shirt. Not in an ironic way, either-- he looked just like the alternative/goth kids on the St. Lawrence campus in 1994-- hair dyed black, lip ring, black fingernails... and the Skinny Puppy T-shirt. For a brief period of time, I thought I was a freshman again.

Even more evidence that the 90s are back: Kid Rock is on the cover of Rolling Stone this week. Kid Rock, for God's sake. Devil Without a Cause. "Cowboy." Has-been. But, according to Rolling Stone, the new album's quite good. Somebody tell me if this is really the case, okay? I can't be bothered to buy the CD myself, and it doesn't seem to be available on iTunes.

Speaking of Rolling Stone, I was pleased to read a letter of complaint from a sensible, sensitive person objecting to Matt Taibbi's ridiculous hyperbole. Reader Liz Welch of Cherry Hill, N.J., rightly points out that Taibbi was grossly inappropriate in his recent story "The War Party" when he wrote the opening lines, "Quietly and miserably, like an anxious mother tiptoeing away from an autistic child who has fallen asleep with his helmet on..." As many of you know, I think Matt Taibbi has earned the unique distinction of being one of the worst writers ever employed by Rolling Stone-- his occasional moments of insight are severely undercut by the sneering frat boy insults and the crude (and, frankly, obvious) innuendo that mark almost every article he's ever written (the notable exception being the one from a few months-- maybe even a year-- ago when he travelled with a group of soldiers in Iraq and told their story; there, he wisely pulled back and didn't allow his own massive ego to overshadow the more interesting story). A so-called progressive reporter making "retard jokes" in an article that purports to promote a progressive point-of-view is immature and unnecessary.

And, finally, just 'cause Kid Rock and Skinny Puppy have me feeling nostalgic, here's The Kids in the Hall on sarcasm. Or maybe not.

Random Ten go!

1) Elvis Costello-- "I Hope You're Happy Now"
2) Warren Zevon-- "She's Too Good For Me"
3) The Killers-- "When You Were Young"
4) The Beach Boys-- "Little Saint Nick"
5) Wilco-- "Blue Eyed Soul"
6) Uncle Tupelo-- "No Depression"
7) The Smiths-- "Panic"
8) Wilco-- "Should've Been in Love"
9) Kanye West-- "Touch the Sky"
10) Snoop Doggy Dogg-- "Gz and Hustlas"

Man. That last song makes me nostalgic too. Remember when Snoop's Doggystyle album came out? Remember the first video from that album, where the girl's father comes home unexpectedly and Snoop's in her bedroom, and she's all trippin', and Snoop goes, "Don't even trip. I'm gonna handle this." And by "handle this," he apparently means morph into a dog (somehow, for some reason) and, presumably, maul her father to death? Yeah. That was fuckin' sweet. "You don't love me, you just love my doggy style." No one can sell that line the way Snoop can, with his bored, reading-from-cue-cards delivery... In fact, let's watch that video too.

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