The Incertus College Football Update

A top ten team this week, according to the CBS Sportsline top 120 poll, after Missouri shucked Nebraska (see, I could be on Sportscenter with that quality of joke) yesterday. That's a first in the long and storied history of the ICFU. Arkansas inched up a spot to 43 after taking care of Chattanooga, and the Mighty Burrow Owls fell four more spots, despite putting a major scare into the fifth-ranked University of South Florida Bulls. The Burrowers were only five points down with 2 minutes to play and had the ball at their 21 yard line. They went four-and-out and South Florida scored a touchdown with time running out to lengthen their lead to the 12 point margin of victory. I personally think the Burrow Owls got hosed by the polls this week, but hopefully they will return to their winning ways against Louisiana-Lafayette next week, the 113th ranked team in the nation.

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