If there were ever any doubt

that the right wing side of the blogosphere is a bunch of worthless pieces of shit, people for whom, as James Carville once said, I wouldn't piss down their throats if their hearts were on fire, let that doubt be erased. If there's a hell, Michelle Malkin, John Hinderaker, the writers of The National Review and the Free Republic will spend major time roasting in it for this. They've taken intellectual dishonesty to new heights with their dissembling on the story of Graeme Frost, and I hope that the party they purport to represent gets the ever-loving shit kicked out of it next year when they have to defend Bush's veto of this bill.

Edit: Just like to add a couple of things. First of all, if it hasn't happened yet (and I'm not about to wade through the filth of any of those sites' comment threads to find out), I'd be willing to bet that someone has raised the possibility that the reason the Frosts are living so high on the hog (when they aren't, actually) is because they're liberal tax cheats, hiding money to be able to leach off the government.

And second, I wouldn't want to wager against the Frosts being audited inside the next 18 months.

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