If good news comes in threes, where's my two-book deal?

I know I just did a brag-post yesterday, but that was about a minor ditty of a poem, which is not my passion and reason-to-be -- this is. "Venus Envy." Precious "Venus Envy." I have been hawking this story for 5 years now. When baby was first born she won a $1000 prize, and that was the first draft, such a precocious little darling was she. She has since gone on to receive some of the most gushing rejections you'll dare to dream, not to mention fetching me my 2nd ever fan letter, yes, click on that link, it's funny. So I cannot tell you how happy, happy, happy momma is to finally see her all grown up and getting published. Thank you, genius editors of Fringe. Now if we can just end this week with that one last lil' bit of good news (hint hint see subject line)... {{sigh}} ...at moments like this, I wish I could un-hypocritically pray.

I will post a link to my world-shaking work of startling genius (nod) when it is published. No wanking. ;-)

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