Hadn't thought about it like that

Paul Krugman has quickly become as adept at blogging as he is at writing columns for the NY Times, and his blog has become one of my almost-daily stops. I say almost-daily, because if I went every day I wouldn't have missed this post on "Bionic Woman."

So I watched Bionic Woman last night — and found myself thinking about, yes, privatization.

I’m pretty sure the original, 1970s Bionic Woman worked for a government agency. But this version works for a private contractor - she even gets assigned to protect the daughter of a tycoon who gives the company a lot of business. Yet this private company seems to be empowered to go around killing people. And nobody seems to consider this at all unusual, or legally dubious.

I completely missed that, probably because I was stunned by complete suckitude of the show, especially the dialogue. (That's Amy's post, by the way.) The focus-grouped-to-death feel of the show completely overwhelmed the part that Krugman pointed out. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd think that the networks were doing it deliberately, to ensure a public that won't question the idea of private, mercenary companies who exist outside the law. But that would be crazy, right?

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