FAU Football, the National Championship, and the Random Ten

So I had this terrific idea for a blog post, on how the 81st ranked FAU Mighty Burrow Owls were going to have an impact on the BCS this year, how USF and Kentucky would want to be rooting for the Might Burrow Owls for various obscure reasons, and then USF has to go and fuck it all up by losing to Rutgers tonight.


So I'm writing it anyway.

See, one of the factors in determining who gets to play for the national championship in College Division 1 football, since they don't have a playoff, is strength of schedule. The better your opponents do, the better you do, and it just so happens that FAU has played 2 of the top ten teams in the nation this year, and by the time we play Florida, that number could be 3, as they're sitting at number 14. But two of those teams don't exactly have stellar reputations as football schools--the aforementioned USF Bulls and the Kentucky Wildcats. They need all the help they can get.

And here come the Mighty Burrow Owls, who, if they win their conference, suddenly look like a much better team than they did early in the season when they were in the mid-80s. I figure a Sun Belt title has got to warrant a top 70 finish at least.

Or maybe not. But if we beat Florida...

Here's the Random Ten, done late at night so I don't have to think in the morning. Put your computer's music player on random and post the next ten songs to pop up. No fight songs, please. We're geeks here, not sports fanatics.

1. Thieves In the Night--Black Star
2. Stop Breakin' Down Blues--Eric Clapton
3. Traveling Riverside Blues--Robert Johnson
4. Baptized in Dirty Water--Chris Thomas King
5. You--R.E.M.
6. I Me Mine--The Beatles
7. I Got the Power--Technotronic
8. I Get the Blues When It Rains--Blind Snooks Eaglin
9. God Only Knows--Beach Boys
10. Ootischenia--The Be Good Tanyas

What's on your list?

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