Y: The Last Man

One of my students gave me the first three volumes of Y: The Last Man (I believe he had duplicates), and now that I've had time to read it, I need to spread the good word:

Buy Y. It's cool.

It's your basic post-apocalyptic fantasy, but with a wicked sense of humor, and a shamelessly deadpan sense of irony. Basically, every mammal with a Y chromosome on planet earth simultaneously drops dead, except for Yorick (his father's an English professor) "&" his pet monkey Ampersand. Why or how this happens, and why or how Yorick and Ampersand survive are mysteries not cleared up at least in the first three volumes, but so far, at least, it really doesn't matter. This is good stuff. Not PC by any means, and that's why it's funny.

For example, there are gangs of women who lop of their left breasts and call themselves Amazons who believe that this is some kind of sign from the Goddess, and they take it on themselves to destroy and deface every last vestige of the vanquished oppressors... like sperm banks and The Washington Monument. Even worse than them is the gang of insane Republican "wives" that want to take over Washington now that their husbands are dead (the fact that only women remain means that congress just became not just much smaller but also overwhelmingly Democratic). There is also a gang of Israeli soldiers who have been tipped off to the existence of the Last Man, and are determined to snap him up before the Arabs do.

Alas, poor Yorick is trapped in this Hell, Horatio. And, this is the best part, he's still in love with his girlfriend, who is in Australia, and he's remaining faithful. Yeah, that's right. He's the last man on Earth and he's (like the Briassacsons) savin' it.

Needless to say, I'm ordering the next six volumes, and I highly recommend: let me know if you want borrowies!

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