While We All Wait for Vests to Come Back

I got tired of working and watched a couple of Friends reruns the other night-- the episodes where Joey moves out and Chandler's new roommate, Eddie, turns out to be a psychopath who keeps a goldfish cracker in the fish tank and who gleefully, aggressively dries all of the fruit in the apartment. "It's a tomato! Heh heh heh heh...!" Good stuff. Took me right back to college, man. All that was missing was the tragically bad skin and the utter certainty that everyone else in the house was having way more sex than me.

Anyway... I missed this the first time around, but apparently Arianna Huffington's feeling nostalgic for the 90s too. And while you're checking that out, you can go down to the "pit" and "mosh" or "skank" or whatever it is you 90s kids liked to do:

And what were you doing in the summer of '97, when the Mighty Mighty Bosstones played on some radio station an average of, like, every minute and a half or so? I was working as a newsroom intern/ underpaid reporter, living in an apartment that I suspect would later give me my lymphoma (the landlord who lived downstairs got the same cancer at the same time-- what are the odds of that?), slowly breaking up with my girlfriend, and-- of course-- dancing around with my arms and legs flailing about, like the gentlemen in the video I've posted above. God... back then Arianna Huffington was a Republican divorcing a gay guy. Amazing, how much has changed.

But I still dance like that.

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