What does morality have to do with this?

I'm so freaking tired of homophobia couched in a false claim of morality. It's near the top of a long list of stuff I'm tired of, which includes the misusing of the word "tolerance" and tv ads for "male-enhancement" products during my Star Trek:TNG reruns. Just because I appreciate the Captaincy of Jean-Luc Picard doesn't mean I have a penis the size of my pinkie, okay?

But back to the homophobia. Today's story takes us to New Jersey, where some idiot parents are afraid that their third graders are going to discover that gay couples have kids.

The film, “That’s a Family!”, looks at diversity through the eyes of children who talk about their own families. One child talks about having mixed-race parents. Another talks about living with a divorced parent. Others talk about single parents, traditional parents, adoptive parents.

And then there’s the child who says, “This is my mom. Her name is Betty. And this is my other mom. Her name is Kim.”

As one parent told NBC’s Ron Allen, “I'm losing my tolerance for the amount of tolerance I'm supposed to tolerate.”

Oh ho! Did you see that witty rejoinder made by the unnamed parent? Listen, Mr. or Ms. Unnamed Parent, you're not being tolerant when you allow your child to discover what he or she likely knows already--that there are lots of different ways in which families are formed. Tolerance has nothing to do with it. Nor are you being intolerant when you try to deny that information to your child--you're just being a fool. The kid's going to learn about it anyway, probably because it'll come up in playground conversation. So if you're really losing your tolerance for the amount of tolerance you're supposed to tolerate, I suppose you could always pull your kids out of school, lock them up and keep them ignorant of this section of our society known as LGBT people, teach them that anything that falls outside your own personal, limited range of acceptability is bad, and then freak out when either they or one of their close relatives comes out of the closet.

Let's be frank here. The article isn't specific, but it doesn't seem like there's a lesbian makeout scene in the film (although it's interesting that the greatest opposition isn't to the two moms, but the two dads scene) or anything else that could be considered objectionable outside the very existence of same-sex couples raising children--and that's what the people who are objecting to find "immoral." The ones interviewed for this piece either didn't want to go that far or their comments along those lines weren't included--I have no way of knowing which--but their objections on moral grounds can only be interpreted in that way.

Because the purpose of the video is to show kids what sorts of families exist, not to make value judgments about them, unless you consider showing same-sex couples as anything other than miserable people haunted by guilt to be a positive value judgment, and if you feel that way, you're probably not a regular reader of this blog.

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