Tough on Crime

Rape-torture-and hate crime victim Megan Williams has been arrested for writing bad checks. Well, actually, it's 11 misdemeanor counts of writing bad checks, one misdemeanor count of obtaining under false pretenses, and one felony count of failing to appear in circuit court. Apparently, these charges stem back to May of 2006, when she wrote about $530 worth of bad checks. She's currently out on an $8,000 bond

You know, I realize that the law applies to everyone equally and all that, but, you know, this woman was just released from captivity, where she was brutalized and forced to eat rat and dog shit. Seeing as how it's been well over a year since she wrote those checks, and seeing as how she's completely traumatized from her recent stay with a bunch of depraved, bloodthirsty savages who make the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family look like the fucking Cleavers, do you think maybe, maybe these charges could have been delayed for just a little bit? Maybe let her start to recover from this horrible ordeal she's been through? Maybe at least wait until her arm's out of the cast or her hair's grown back from where these monsters ripped it out?

No. Guess not.


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