Republicans debating ... or not

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Univision is rescheduling its Republican debate because only one of the candidates - John McCain - accepted the invitation.

Univision is hosting a Democratic debate on Sunday with a full slate, meeting at the University of Miami (not that any of the Democrats will be returning to Florida anytime soon ... but that's another sob story for another time. I'll just go on feeling sorry for myself about that). Anyway, the Sun-Sentinel explains:

"We're working with the candidates now to reschedule," [a Univision spokesperson] said. "There were scheduling issues." ...

That most GOP candidates didn't clear their calendars raised eyebrows, particularly in Florida, a swing state where Republicans have strong support from Cuban-Americans and an edge among Puerto Ricans.

Perhaps this really is about scheduling conflicts. But I'm not really impressed by the candidates turning down the largest Spanish language network in the country.

"Scheduling conflicts" was how a Fox spokesperson explained their failed attempt to get their Democratic debate to happen.

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