Quote of the day, indeed

Via Election Central, this gem from former GOP candidate Tommy Thompson, when asked if he would want to serve in the next President's cabinet.

"I don't think Hillary will have me."

Now, readers of this site will know that I'm not exactly the biggest Hillary Clinton fan--she's about 4th on my list of candidates (which, frighteningly enough, was Kerry's high point on my list in 2003-4) on any given day, at times edging up as high as third, but nowhere near the top. She's more centrist than I like, and too willing to give more power to corporate America than I like. She's light-years ahead of any Republican running, even on her worst day, though, which is why I like Thompson's quote--he's a moderate Republican, and he's saying, whether joking or not, that his party is going down to defeat next year, even if Hillary Clinton is the candidate. And that makes my heart glad.

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