People Who Spend $600 on a Damn Phone Need to Never Complain About Anything, Dammit

Let me get this straight-- a bunch of rich pricks with more money than brains have demanded-- and received-- an aplogy from Steve Jobs over the decision to lower the price of the iPhone by $200? These people just had to have the iPhone when it first came out and cost a completely ridiculous amount of money; now they're complaining that the price has been lowered to just ridiculous? Give me a fucking break.

Hey, iPhone owners-- channel your outrage. I know, I know, "But how will people know that I'm better than they are if they are able to purchase the same opulent luxury item I own? My entire sense of self-worth comes from buying useless gadgets that cost a lot of money, and Steve Jobs ruined it!" Right, you see-- if you spent $600 on a phone, you're a dick. And if you wrote a letter complaining about the fact that now the hoi polloi are able to purchase the same phone... you're a huge dick. Really, if you can look around at the world we live in and conclude that you are somehow a victim, you're too stupid to be allowed to vote, drive, breed, cook, or have any electronic device in your house. Innocent people could get hurt.

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