One Reason I Don't Feel Guilty

This is just the most recent, though probably the most egregious reason I don't have the slightest trace of guilt about going through bankruptcy. The thing that drove me to it, as opposed to simply waiting out the seven years of credit hell and unending calls from collection agencies that traditionally follows defaulting on credit cards, was the fact that I was sued by Capitol One and had a judgment entered against me. I figured that I might as well do the bankruptcy and wipe the slate clean and start over--a judgment wouldn't disappear after 7 years the way a repossession will.

So what do I get in the mail two days ago? Not a credit card application from Capitol One--that would be funny. No, an offer for a car loan. A pre-approved car loan application for anywhere from $10K to $30K, from the same company that sued me fewer than six months ago and currently has a judgment against me.

Look, I'm up for all the criticism that can come at me for my current bankruptcy--I took on more debt than I could handle when I wasn't making much money, and a medical issue caused me to default on it. Bad teeth are an unbearable bitch, and they're expensive, insurance or no, and I was no. So criticize me if you wish. But let's not leave out the credit companies who are willing to extend credit to people--like me--who shouldn't even qualify for a Wimpy-esque loan till Tuesday for a hamburger today. And let's certainly not bail them out when people other than me who are willing to take them up on their offers default on them.

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