A note to some members of the Senate

To Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida: Good on you this time, though if you'd had balls the first time around, it might not have come to this.

To Sens. Coleman, Collins, Smith, Snowe, and Sununu: Thanks for the vote, but we're still coming for your seats. Of course, we'd reconsider if you change sides--you have more in common with us than with your party these days.

To Sen. Hagel: Thanks for a vote when you're retiring and there's no real reason for you to do so other than common human decency, unlike your fellow retiring Senator, Warner of Virginia.

To Sen. Lieberman: Fuck you, you fucking sellout. You might have been a decent man once, but you're useless now.

To the other 43 Senators who opposed the Habeas Corpus bill and the Webb Amendment (except for Saxby Chambliss who could only be bothered to vote on one): We may not be able to replace all of you, but we're going to do our damnedest to make sure you're so marginalized that you can't do any more damage to this nation.

Roll Call votes available here

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